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ZJ Overlays

2007-2017+ JK Wranglers
Gauge Overlays
100 MPH or 200 Km/h

  Attention: These overlays will not work with special edition Wranglers
that have the RPM x100 Tachometers (10,20,40…etc.)

These will work for early model 2018-JK Wranglers.

Late model 2018’s have a redesigned instrument cluster.

"Come out of the Dark Gauges!"

  • Bright white faces with black markings and red warning areas.
  • Easiest Installation. [Installation Instructions]
  • If you can remove 6 screws you can do this!
  • NO wiring modifications. Uses factory LED lighting.
  • The gauge pointers are NOT removed.
  • NON-Destructive and Removable.
  • Please read the FAQ's for detailed information.
  • Custom overlays available. Email us
  • 200 Km/h Canada/Worldwide overlays available.


30-day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the overlays, in any condition, for a full, prompt refund. If you damage an overlay we will send you a free replacement.

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100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2017+  White
Installation Instructions

07xx-Flames-layout-tn.jpg (12230 bytes)

100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2017+  Flames
Installation Instructions

07xx-Yellow-layout-tn.jpg (11679 bytes)

100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2017+  Yellow
Installation Instructions



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·        We automatically send MPH overlays to the USA and UK. All other countries will receive the Km/h overlays, unless otherwise directed.

·        PayPal, Money Orders, Credit Cards, ship same day or next morning, checks after clearing.

·        All payments received are acknowledged via eMail within 12 hours.
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