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2007 to Early 2018 JK Wranglers
Gauge Overlays
100 MPH or 200 Km/h

Attention:   We will be unavailable until Aug 1. 
Please have a look around and stop back then to place an order

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"Come out of the Dark Gauges!"

  • Bright white faces with black markings and red warning areas.
  • Easiest Installation. [Installation Instructions]
  • If you can remove 6 screws you can do this!
  • NO wiring modifications. Uses factory LED lighting.
  • The gauge pointers are NOT removed.
  • NON-Destructive and Removable.
  • Please read the FAQ's for detailed information.
  • Custom overlays available. Email us
  • 200 Km/h Canada/Worldwide overlays now available.
  • Diesel owners: 0-5 tachometers available


30-day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the overlays, in any condition, for a full, prompt refund. If you damage an overlay we will send you a free replacement.

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100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2018  White
Installation Instructions

Order Here
Aug 1 

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100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2018  Flames
Installation Instructions

Order Here
Aug 1 

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100 MPH or 200 Km/h
2007-2018  Yellow
Installation Instructions

Order Here
Aug 1 



        FREE Shipping and Handling via US Postal worldwide.

        We automatically send MPH overlays to the USA and UK. All other countries will receive the Km/h overlays, unless otherwise directed.

        PayPal, Money Orders, Credit Cards, ship same day or next morning, checks after clearing.

        All payments received are acknowledged via eMail within 12 hours.
You will also be notified when your order ships.

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Checks or Money Orders:  

Please email us if you would like to pay with a check or money order.

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