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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions

Grand Cherokees

How do they look at night?

It all depends on your Model and Year!

Wrangler 1987-1991 & Cherokee 1984-1996  If you have these Jeeps, the night time visibility will be better than your original gauges. The gauges will look bright white at night. You can change the color of your instrument cluster bulbs for a different looking night effect. (Bulb #194)

Wrangler 1992 and up & Grand Cherokees These look near original at night. All overlays revert to black with white or green illuminated markings at night. Brightness is slightly reduced, about 1 click on the dimmer dial, but if you remove the blue plastic bulb covers during the install process (1997-2005 Wranglers only), you will have normal brightness and clarity at night.

What are they made of?

All overlays are printed on a high quality 10mil paper product. They are very bright and durable; about the thickness of a business card. They must be thin because they have to fit between the pointers and the original gauge faces. They also have to be very flexible so they can be easily installed without removing the pointers/needles. These overlays are designed for the easiest installation possible. No wiring modifications, no wetting your gauge faces, no bubbles, no broken or miscalibrated instruments, no problems!  We have been running these overlays in our Jeep since 2001 and they still look like new.

How long will they last?

Generally speaking, sunlight, heat and humidity may take a toll, but your instrumentation is installed inside of a sealed plastic container to avoid these problems.. We have had ours installed since 2001 and they still look like new. We figure when your owners manual wears out, so will the overlays.

Do I have to remove the pointers?

The needles/pointers are NEVER removed. The overlays are designed to slip over them.  With the engine and key in the off mode, the gauge pointers can be gently moved through their normal range of travel. They will seek their proper position when the engine is started. The only exception to this is the clock face on the Wrangler 1987-1991 models. The hour and minute hands are easily removed to allow installation of that overlay.

How do I color the needles/pointers?

If your Jeep has white needles/pointers, than this is usually a must . If you purchase Flames or yellow overlays and if your pointers are red you may color them black so they stand out better against their backgrounds. You can color the top surfaces of the pointers. Red or black Sharpie or Marks-a-lot permanent markers work the best, and look great. Using striping tape or paint may be too much weight for the needles causing calibration errors. 

Can I change to colored bulbs?

This is a popular option that only works on the 1987-1991 Wranglers and 1984-1996 Cherokees. This is because these models use front, around the edge, lighting. All other models use thru the gauge lighting; the numbers and markings actually glow. 1992 and up Wranglers, and all Grand Cherokees will not benefit with colored bulbs. You will be wasting your money.

Should I use the new LED bulbs?

We do not recommend LED bulbs if changing bulbs. This is because the individual LED's in them are sometimes very directional, only spreading the light in specific direction. Many areas end up starved for light. Normal incandescent bulbs spread the light almost 360 by 360 degrees which covers more area.

2007 and up Wranglers have factory LED bulbs soldered to the circuit board in the cluster. Their small housing area is designed to accomodate them. These should last forever and are not changeable.

Can I do this, I am not mechanically inclined?

This is a very easy project for the Wrangler 1992-and up, and all Cherokee/Grand Cherokee models; and more difficult for the Wrangler 1987-1991.  Be sure to read over the Installation Instructions for your particular model. If you question your abilities, try the first 3 or 4 steps of the installation to see if you are up to it. You may surprise yourself.
Installation Instructions

How do they stay in place?

The overlay is placed behind the needle/pointer and on top of the original gauge face. On some models, the 2 screws on each side of each gauge pointer holds it in place. If you have a 92-95 or 07 and up Wrangler or any Grand Cherokee, the round black gauge bezel also holds the outer edges. If you have a Wrangler 87-91 or Cherokee 84-96 then an adhesive may be needed on the Tach and Speedo overlays. On the 1997 and up Wranglers a non-destructive adhesive is needed on the overlays.

All overlays are NON-Destructive and Removeable.

How long will it take me to install these?

For Wranglers 1992 and up and Cherokees/Grand Cherokees it should take an average person about an hour. Yes it can be done in 30 minutes but why rush?  If you have a 87-91 Wrangler then allow 2 hours. Take your time, allow some extra time, and have fun. Don't worry if you screw up an overlay we will send you another at no charge.

Also take some time to clean things up and re-polish those clear plastic lenses. It is an easy process to restore them to a near original clear condition. There are a couple of  brands of plastic polish available at most Marine Supply stores. They work great and will make them look like new with minimal effort. A good one is "Meguiars Mirror Glaze 17" Clear Plastic Cleaner. It also works well on those plastic soft top windows.

Do you have Canadian Km/h speedometer overlays?

We have KmPH Speedometers overlays for selected models and styles at no extra charge. We also include metric/celsius graduated Temp and Oil overlays when equipped. Email us if you do not see your model Jeep and style overlays with KPH availability.

We automatically send MPH overlays to the US and UK, all other countries are sent KPH overlays unless you request otherwise.

Can I use these overlays to convert my cluster from Km/h to MPH or vice versa?

Yes, but only if you have a 1987-1990 Wrangler. NO, to all the other overlays that we carry. The reason is that the other newer Cherokees, Wranglers, and Grand Cherokees use electronic speedometers which are controlled by the Jeep engine computer. These computers calibrate the speedometer differently for KPH and MPH Jeeps. Example: If 2 Jeeps are driving down the road at the same speed, and one has a MPH speedometer, and the other has a KPH speedometer, the needle/pointer will be in a different position in each Jeep for that same speed. Another reason this will not work is that these newer models use thru the gauge lighting for night time driving, and the numbers and markings on the overlays would be in different positions at night. You would see the old speedometer thru the gauge at night. So it will not work. If you have other questions in this regard please email us.

We do have a White and black face KPH to MPH conversion speedometer overlay that will work on tachometer equipped 1991-1996 Cherokees. Please email us if you are interested in purchasing this single overlay.

Are these Indiglo Gauges?

No they are not. Which means there are NO wiring modifications; no switches to install, no needles to remove, no gauges to break or be mis-calibrated, and no edges turning yellow after a few years. If your Jeep is a Wrangler 1987-1991 or Cherokee 1984-1996 you can get a similar "Indiglo" effect by changing to colored instrument light bulbs when you install the overlays.  This will give a color cast to your white gauge faces at night.  Red, and Blue bulbs are available in most Auto Parts stores. (Bulb #194).

I have a special request?

Please submit all special requests to the email address shown immediately below.  Yes we can change background colors. Yes we can do a custom set of overlays for you. Yes we can sell you a partial set of overlays at a reduced price. Also check out our “Custom Work” tab above. All of our eBay items are ‘as is’ on eBay, special requests must be made through our web page via eMail below.

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