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1984-1996 XJ Cherokee
  Installation Instructions

cher9196-white-cluster.jpg (20653 bytes)

Tools needed: Screwdrivers, red or black permanent marker (#20 Torx screwdriver for 95-96). Adhesive is recommended for the large Tach and Speedometer overlays and may be necessary on some smaller gauges without screws.  Scotch PERMANENT Double stick tape works well for all applications. The tape is not really 'permament'. It is removeable but will hold forever. Another adhesive is 3M Spray adhesive but it tends to be a little messy.

These instructions show a 1991-1996 Cherokee installation. This process also applies to earlier Cherokees. Some early Cherokees do not have screws to hold the overlays in place because the original gauge is rivited. An adhesive will be mandatory in those cases. You do not have to remove the cluster to install the overlays but it does make the job easier.

This can normally be done in less than an hour, but allow yourself plenty of time so you won't be rushed. Work gently and slowly. Do not force anything. Everything comes apart and goes together very easily. The pointers/needles are NOT removed. They can be gently moved through their normal range of travel with no problems. Don't worry about the positions of the pointers. When the engine is started they will assume their correct indication.

Optional:You can change the night appearance of your new gauges by installing red or blue colored bulbs (#194) in the intrument cluster. You will need 5 bulbs for the 91-96's and more on earlier models. If you have a blue plastic cluster housing, the effect of colored bulbs may be diminished. The bulbs are available at most Automotive Supply stores.

REMOVING THE CLUSTER ASSEMBLY  (All photos are 1996 Cherokee)

Engine off.  Remove the negative battery cable. 

inst-cher-001.jpg (12701 bytes) A. (1995-1996 only)
Remove the steering column box surround by removing the 3 #20 torx screws below and near steering wheel. 2 are deeply recessed. Unscrew the Tilt Wheel lever if equipped. Remove surround.

inst-cher-01.jpg (19950 bytes)

1. Remove the 4 Dash panel bezel screws and remove the bezel. It is also snap fit around the edge.
inst-cher-02.jpg (24050 bytes) 2. (Optional) Remove the cigar lighter housing attaching screws. Also remove the switch housing attaching screws if equipped.

3. (Optional) Remove the 6 Cluster attaching screws.

4. (Optional) Pull the Cluster out far enough to disconnect the 2 connector plugs from the back, and the speedometer cable if equipped (pre 91), then remove the cluster assembly.

Pinch the speedo cable round plastic retainer or press ring retainer to release.

inst-cher-03.jpg (10552 bytes)  

5. Remove the rubber trip odometer reset knob from the shaft. It may be a little tight. It is just pressed on.

6. Remove the 4 screws holding the clear lens and bezel, then remove them.

inst-cher-04.jpg (12196 bytes) 7. If you are going to change the Cluster bulbs, now is a good time to do it. The 5 bulb sockets have a white dot on them (1991-1996), earlier models use more bulbs and are in different locations.
inst-cher-05.jpg (11729 bytes) 8. Color the needles/pointers with a black or red Sharpie Marker. If you use paint it may make the needle too heavy for proper operation.
(You will not see white needles on a white background. White needles would look nice with Yellow overlays.)


9. Insure your hands are clean before applying the overlays.

10. Do one overlay at a time. Remove the 2 small screws near each gauge needle/pointer hub.

. Do not remove the original gauge face or the needles/pointers

inst-cher-06.jpg (17974 bytes) 11. Tach and Speedo.

NOTE: The screws are the only thing holding these large overlays in place. It is a good idea to use adhesive on the back of the overlays. We recommend "Scotch double stick permament tape" or 3M Spray Adhesive (this option can be messy).  Apply adhesive before installing the overlay. If using the double stick tape, apply it generously to the rear of the overlay. If some tape overlaps the edges, trim the excess with scissors. Do not remove the tape from the overlay. Install gently, align, then press down.

Move needles to the 3 O'Clock or convenient position.

Slip the center hole in the overlay over the long pointer, then under the hub on that side, then around and over the pointers small extension. Install and gently tighten the 2 screws until things do not move. Overtightening will cause overlay distortion.

Move the needles so they point to the center of the cluster and install in the same manner.

13.. Return all needles/pointers to their approximate normal operating positions.

TIP: You can also polish the clear plastic lens to a "Like New" condition. Many brands of plastic polish are available in Marine supply stores. They also work well on plastic soft top windows. We used  "Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 17 Clear Plastic Cleaner".

TIP: Painting the bezel is another easy cool option. Remove the plastic turn signal, etc windows first.

14. Reinstall everything in reverse order.

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