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TJ Wrangler 1997 and up  
Installation Instructions

9799-cluster.jpg (23941 bytes)

Tools needed: Stubby Phillips screwdriver, 1/2" Scotch Permanent double stick tape,(This tape is NON-Destructive and removable) or 3M Spray Adhesive, Red permanent marker, ISO-alcohol or suitable cleaner..

Please take the time to read these instructions completely before installing.

This can normally be done in less than an hour, but allow yourself plenty of time so you won't be rushed. Work gently and slowly. Do not force anything. DO NOT remove the pointers. The pointers can be gently moved through their normal range of travel with no problems. Do not force them past their fixed stop positions. Don't worry about the positions of the pointers. When the engine is started they will assume their correct indication. Be sure the pointers do not touch the overlay.

These overlays MUST be installed under DARK conditions to align them with the original gauge markings.

DO NOT USE METAL OBJECTS ON THE BLACK CLUSTER FACE. They can scratch the surface and render a white mark at night.


Engine off, Keys removed. 

9799inst21.jpg (12290 bytes) 1. Remove top dash cover along the windshield.. It is held  with snap fasteners. Grab it on the windshield side behind the center grill area and pull up firmly.
9799inst22.jpg (12270 bytes) 2. Remove the lower dash cover below steering wheel.
(2 screws).
9799inst23.jpg (16961 bytes) 3. Remove 3 screws from top of the instrument cluster housing....
9799inst24.jpg (11891 bytes) 4. Then remove 2 screws (one on each side) from lower portion of the instrument cluster housing, then remove the housing.
9799inst25.jpg (14166 bytes) 5. Remove the 4 screws (2 on each side) that hold the cluster to the dashboard.

(1997-2000) Pull the cluster assembly straight out until it is free. It will resist; rock it gently back and forth until it releases itself from the electrical connectors.

(2001 and up) Gently pull forward then manually release the 2 connectors on the back.

9799inst26.jpg (15910 bytes) 6. Remove the clear lens from Cluster by releasing all the clear tabs around the outer edge.
9799inst27.jpg (10278 bytes) 7. Remove the black bezel by releasing all the black tabs around the outer edge.
9799inst29.jpg (18987 bytes) 8. Remove the 5 Illumination bulbs (brown sockets) from the rear of the Cluster. They are 1/4 turn. Long-nose pliers helps.
9799inst30.jpg (5782 bytes) 9. Remove the blue shrink plastic covering from the bulbs. (This is done to provide more light through the overlays at night.)

Then reinstall the bulbs back in their sockets.

9799inst31.jpg (14818 bytes) NOTE: Using striping tape or red paint will add extra weight to the needles and may cause calibration errors.

10. Color the tops of the white pointers with red permanent  marker.
(You won't see white needles during the day, and you won't see black ones at night. White is OK with the yellow overlays.)


9799inst32.jpg (19815 bytes) 11. Clean the face of the cluster with alcohol to remove any residue.

12.Re-insert the cluster AS-IS back into the dashboard. Press it firmly in place and be sure it is fully seated into the electrical  connectors.


Installation Tips:

1. Make sure your hands are clean before handling the overlays.

2.  Install only one at a time. Keep the others in the envelope out of harms way. If an overlay with adhesive on the back accidentally falls onto another overlay's face, it will ruin it.

3.Do the FUEL and TEMP overlays LAST. They are the lowest and are susceptible to the upper ones hanging down and touching them during installation.

4. Use a toothpick to release a slightly out of place overlay before the final press down. Never use metal objects on the black cluster face.

5. Once you apply the tape to the overlay leave it on. Do not remove it. If it goes over the edge, trim the excess off with a scissors. More tape is better, but try not to allow it to overlap.

9799inst33.jpg (20888 bytes) 1. Do a test install of an overlay without adhesive tape to get the knack of slipping it over the pointer and lining it up in the dark with the dash lights on.
(See Photo and instructions in Step #3).)

2. Install the adhesive tape lightly to the rear of an overlay as shown. (2 strips is OK for the small overlays, but use as much as possible on the larger ones.)  Do NOT press it down firmly. If it overlaps the edge, cut the excess off with a scissors. Do not remove the tape or you will damage the overlay. If using 3M Spray Adhesive, apply to rear of overlay only.

9799inst34.jpg (13014 bytes)


3. Gently install the overlay upside down over the pointer. Then put it under the small black hub extension (as shown), then over and around the hub.

4. Align the overlay to the original gauge markings shining through. Take your time and be exact. Then "Press Down" firmly all around to set it   in place. The pointers must NOT touch the overlay.


5. Be sure those pointers are moved back to the zero position..

6. Re-install the black bezel, then the clear lens. It is not necessary to remove the cluster again to do this.

You can polish the clear plastic lens. Using a plastic polish will restore it to "Like New" condition. Many brands are available in Marine supply stores. They also work good on plastic soft top windows. We used "Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 17 Clear Plastic Cleaner".


Press and hold the odometer reset button while turning the ignition key from off to on twice in succession. This starts a self test which lights up all of the installed instrument lamps and  and incrementally moves the gauges through their complete range of travel.

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