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.YJ Wrangler 1987-1991 
Installation Instructions

8791-photo.jpg (36625 bytes)

Tools needed: Screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, red or black permanent marker.

This can normally be done in about 2 hours, but allow yourself plenty of time so you won't be rushed. Work gently and slowly. Do not force anything. Almost everything comes apart and goes together very easily. The pointers are NOT to be removed  except the minute and hour hands of the clock. The pointers can be gently moved through their normal range of travel with no problems. Do not bend them or force them past their fixed stop positions.  Don't worry about the positions of the pointers. When the engine is started they will assume their correct indication.

You can change the night time appearance of your new white gauges by installing colored bulbs (#194) in your intrument panel. You will need 10 bulbs for the instrumentation or 11 if you also change the one in the heater/temperature control unit.


Engine off. We strongly recommend removing the negative battery cable. 

inst1-tn.jpg (14539 bytes) 1. Remove warning light panel fascia above steering wheel column.

(2 screws at top)
Shown partially removed.

inst2-tn.jpg (20656 bytes) 2. Remove Tach/Speedo dash fascia.
(2 screws above and 2 below)
inst10.jpg (18235 bytes)  

3. Remove Tach and Speedometer assemblies.
(2 screws on each)

Unplug the Tach wiring harness. This is a little tricky; there is a small plastic tab that keeps the connectors together.

Release the speedometer cable and remove the speedometer assembly. The bulb sockets are unplugged and stay with the dashboard.

inst12.jpg (23359 bytes) 4. Place Tach and Speedo on a smooth flat surface and pry off the trim rings. Use a knife or chisel to get it started then a screwdriver to twist all along the outer rear edge until the trim ring and clear plastic cover can be removed easily. Needle nose pliers may help.

When reinstalling the trim ring just bend it back over every inch or so around the edge.


inst4-tn.jpg (20344 bytes) 5. Remove the instrument dash fascia.
(3 screws up and 3 below)

The radio may have to be removed depending on configuration.
inst11.jpg (17822 bytes) 6. You do not have to remove the instrument cluster, but it only takes a few  minutes and makes the job a lot easier. There is a hot power lead on the connector, so either disconnect the battery, remove the appropriate fuse, or tape up the exposed connector  to prevent shorting. (6 screws, 2 on each side and 4 underneath; then unplug the connector in the back. Clean the connector contacts when re-installing.)

Remove the clear plastic cover and black bezel. They are held  by tabs into the gauge assembly.


7. Clean up the assemblies. Insure your hands are clean before applying the overlays.

This is a good time to color the white pointers with a red or black permanent marker. Sharpie and  Marks-A-Lot brand markers work well. This will make them look great. White pointers won't show up to well on a white background.

You can also polish the clear plastic covers. Using a plastic polish will restore them to "Like New" condition. Many brands are available in Marine supply stores. They also work good on plastic soft top windows. We used "Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 17 Clear Plastic Cleaner".

8. Remove the 2 small screws near each pointer hub.

9. Do not remove the original gauge face or the pointers.

inst13.jpg (8951 bytes) 10. Tach and Speedo.

NOTE: The screws are the only thing holding these overlays in place. It is a good idea to use adhesive on the back of these overlays. We recommend "Scotch Double Stick Permanent Tape". Apply the tape to the back of the overlay before installing. Cut off any excess tape with a scissors, do not remove it from the overlay. More is better! Then press down after overlay is correctly positioned.

Slip the hole in the overlay over the long pointer, then under the hub on that side, then around and over the pointers extension. Use the small #4 washers supplied with the kit on top of the overlay when attaching the small screws so the screws won't go deep into the recessed hole distorting it. Tighten just until things do not move.

inst9-tn.jpg (8124 bytes)  

11. Instrument Gauges. Just slip them over the pointer and align with the screw  holes. Washers are not needed. Align and tighten just enough so things do not move.

12. Clock: Gently remove the hour and minute hands. They are just held on by friction around the hub. Work them loose at the hub, not with the hands.  Leave the second hand on the unit and slip the overlay around it.

(92-95 Gauge shown, 87-91 are round.)

Verify that the fuel gauge empty mark is where it should be. It may be slightly to the right or left of it's original position.

13. Re-Install everything in reverse order.

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