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JK Wranglers 2007-2017+
Installation Instructions
07xxinst01.jpg (24800 bytes)

Tools needed:  7mm Hex driver, 1/2" Scotch Permanent double stick tape,(This tape is NON-Destructive and removable) or 3M Spray Adhesive, ISO-alcohol or suitable cleaner. We highly recommend the tape as the best adhesive product for these overlays. Not as messy!

If you purchase the flames or yellow overlays, it would be a good idea to color the pointers/needles to make them more visible against their background. We recommend using a black 'Sharpie' permament marker to color the top surface of the needles.

Please take the time to read these instructions completely before installing.

This can normally be done in about an hour, but allow yourself plenty of time so you won't be rushed. Work gently and slowly. Do not force anything. DO NOT remove the pointers. They can be gently moved through their normal range of travel. Be sure the pointers do not touch the overlay.

These overlays MUST be installed under DARK conditions to align them with the original gauge markings.

DO NOT USE METAL OBJECTS ON THE BLACK CLUSTER FACE. They can scratch the surface and render a white mark at night.


Engine off, Keys removed. 

07xxinst02.jpg (21157 bytes)

1. Remove the lower dash panel below the steering wheel.

Pull down on the small grab handle; it un-clips at the top and hinges down to remove.

07xxinst03.jpg (20478 bytes)

Tilt steering wheel to gain access needed.

2. Remove 2 small black hex screws, one on each side of the steering wheel.

07xxinst04.jpg (19107 bytes)


Tilt steering wheel to gain access needed.

3. Remove the upper dash cover by lifting up on the bottom, then pull up and towards the steering wheel. It is only held with clips.

07xxinst05.jpg (23583 bytes)

4. Remove the 4 screws that hold the cluster to the dash. Remove the cluster enough to release the electrical connectors in the rear, then remove the cluster assembly.


(Shown here without the bezel and clear lens)

07xxinst06.jpg (22681 bytes)

5. Remove the clear lens from the cluster assembly by releasing the clear tabs around the edge.

6. Remove the black/silver bezel from the cluster by releasing the black tabs around the edge.

Tip: If you have the black bezel you can now paint it silver or what ever color you want. This also is a good time to color the needles if necessary.

07xxinst07.jpg (17349 bytes)

7. Clean the original cluster gauge faces with iso-alcohol to remove any residue.

8. Re-connect the wiring harnesses and install the cluster back into the dash "As-Is".

Tip: Just use the 2 top screws to hold the cluster in place for now.

07xxinst08.jpg (23980 bytes)

9. Your cluster should look like this, ready for the overlays.


Installation Tips:

1. Make sure your hands are clean before handling the overlays.

2.  Install only one overlay at a time. Keep the others in the envelope out of harms way.

3. Use a toothpick to release a slightly out of place overlay before the final press down.

4. Never use metal objects on the black cluster face.

9799inst33.jpg (20888 bytes)

TJ overlays shown for reference only.

1. Do a test install of an overlay without adhesive/tape to get the knack of slipping it over the pointer and lining it up in the dark with the dash lights on.
(See Photo and instructions in Step #3 below)

2. Install the clear adhesive tape lightly to the rear of an overlay as shown. (2 strips is OK for the small overlays, but use as much as possible on the larger ones.)  If tape overlaps the edge, cut the excess off with a scissors.

Do not remove the tape or you will damage the overlay. If using 3M Spray Adhesive, apply to rear of overlay only.

9799inst34.jpg (13014 bytes)

TJ overlays shown for reference only.


3. Gently install the overlay over the pointer, then around the hub.

4. Align the overlay to the original gauge markings shining through. Take your time and be exact. Then "Press Down" firmly all around to set it  in place. The pointers and hubs must NOT touch the overlay.


5. Be sure the pointers are moved back to the zero positions.

6. Tilt steerning wheel full down and re-install the black/silver bezel, then the clear lens. It is not absolutely necessary to remove the cluster again to do this.


If you have a plain black bezel you can paint it bright silver, or any color you like.

You can polish the clear plastic lens. Using a plastic polish will restore it to "Like New" condition. Many brands are available in Marine supply stores. They also work good on plastic soft top windows. We used "Meguiar's Mirror Glaze 17 Clear Plastic Cleaner".

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